Fairies and Elves Stopping Construction: On the Care for Our Common Home

David Russell Mosley

Photo by Lauren Elizabeth Mosley

Ordinary Time
9 August 2017
The Edge of Elfland
Hudson, New Hampshire

Dearest Readers,

Yesterday, in Ireland, Teachtaí Dála Danny Healy-Rae made the bold claim that the reason for the dip in Kerry Road was due to fairies.

His argument actually extends back to 2007 when this first started happening. It seems, according to Healy-Rae, that what likely happened is some sort of Fairy Fort has been disturbed, causing the fair folk to take a certain level of retribution. At present, he has made no arguments for how to fix this problem, but is quoted as saying, “I have a machine standing in the yard right now. And if someone told me to go out and knock a fairy fort or touch it, I would starve first.”

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